Mighty Mac is back and ready to take things up to the next level!!!
To go above and beyond in what we have already accomplished and what is yet to come. We took a small rest for a couple of years, due to some family tragedy. Jim Mcintosh the founder and head of Mighty Macs Bulldogs past away and our uncle John was killed in a matter of 11 months. It was the hardest time in our lives. Our backbone was shattered and we had to be cautious and careful. Jim was everything to us, an awesome husband and father. We at the time had to do what was best for our family. We bonded together took some time off kept to our self and grieved. Our family at the time was the most important. With the help of some family and friends we never let go of our most important stock. Don't think we were sleeping!! We may have sat out a few games but we still know how to knock one outta the park!!! (If I may say so my self.) Please allow me one minute to give credit where credit is due. To my parents Jim & Judy McIntosh, they started breeding Olde English Bulldogs over 20 years ago. The span of my entire life was surrounded with our massive Mighty Mac Bulldogs. Weighing in up to 110 pounds, it's no exaggeration where the MIGHTY came in. When they started there were very few breeders. The American Bulldogs were very hot and the oldes were just starting. My dad Jim loved the bigger dogs. He was a power lifter ranked 11th in the country at one time and in issues of power lifting magazine. He competed at drug free meets and loved it, so size and power was everything to him. He loved a large powerful looking Bulldog. Now my mom Judy loved the smaller, cuter, bullier dogs. Spoken like a girl Dad would say. Both of them coming to a happy medium and bred the oldes. At the time there were very few Olde breeders. David Leavitt, Gregg Hermes, Vera Rangel of Crossbow Farms. The Americans were going strong at that time. People didn't understand this bred called Olde English Bulldogges it was new. It was not a AKC breed of Bulldog. We would hear cross bred, not pure, just mutts. It was such a challenge back then. My dad being the competitor that he was, loved it. He would not stop he wanted to produce the best Oldes. He wanted this bred to make it. He wanted people someday to respect and love it the way they loved the Americans at the time. That was his goal and he would not make any sacrifices. He took on the challenge. He loved the dogs he could work and do hang time with. He loved working out and kept that standard with his dogs. My mother just loved the temperament of the breed. My sister and I being much younger back then, that was of most importance to her.

Now at that time there were many different types of Olde's. Which style is the right style? Well, everyone has there own opinion on how they want there bulldogs to look. It's all a matter of preference. Variety is the spice of life, it is what makes the world go round. What if all we had to eat was only one type of steak every night? I mean I love steak don't get me wrong, but it would become boring. It can be cooked in so many different ways, rare, medium, well done, fried, broiled. But just because someone wants to make it up differently doesn't change what it is, steak. As long as your intentions are right. You set a goal stay with that, make no sacrifices and aim for your perfect bulldog. The number one goal should be your dog's health. That is the most important thing, do not sacrifice or jeopardize your dogs health. Next your certain type. Large, small, tall, short; it's all a matter of your personal preference once again. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. When you chose the type you are looking for, stick with it. When producing a line keep your goals true. Breeding only the the best and selling the rest as pet quality. Set your standards and uphold them, no compromises. Through the years many people would come to our kennel after purchasing a dog from someone else and want to breed back to one of ours. The looks would be entirely different. And the question would be asked, "Why would you want to breed to our dogs when they are so different in look from your dog?" The following response would vary from, we want our dogs to be bigger, bullier, shorter, stockier. However, our answer remained the same. "Then, why did you buy that dog?" If you buy a dog to be BRED you should breed it according to the standard of it's type. Don't take shortcuts, it will result in dogs that are not going to bred true to type. Like Dad would say a bag of mixed nuts. Especially in a breed like the Oldes. It is not the size that matter it's breeding them consistent and taking no short cuts so they breed true to type. Let's take Greg Hermes type for example he bred for size, more mastiff in type. Was that wrong? No, not at all, but if you are looking for that type stay with that type. Hey, by all means perfect it! Stay with that goal. That is what make a good breeder. Admitting that you don't like what you have but you want to fix it by breeding back to something else to get what you want is only thinking of yourself. And there is no room for shortcuts. When your a breeder the bred comes first. You cant have it both ways. We at Mighty Macs are still continuing to breed what was started 20 years ago. But we also started a new line of baby bullies; Mighty Macs Mini Mugs. More and more people have ask for smaller dogs from our kennel. Some are people in apartments unable to have a larger dog. Some people just prefer to have a smaller more controllable bulldog, without having to settle when it comes to quality. Whatever your reason is, it doesn't matter to us. We are just willing to take on this new adventure. And not to mention that this was always mom's favorite afterall.

Downsizing the dogs for a smaller version of the bulldog. We will not sacrifice health in anyway. We have been studying and working really hard this again is another challenge but as you well know we love it. We have taken some of our smaller Oldes and have been breeding in French Bulldog, English Bulldog to create a smaller version of the Olde more pocket size. We will alway continue to breed our Olde English Bulldogs, but wanted a little change. Giving you all more options. We want to make Jim proud of what we are going to do. And just like him we will take no shortcuts. Breeding only to the best. With the help of other excellent breeders we will accomplice our goal. Over the years I have seen my fathers dreams for the Olde English Bulldogs come true. There are so many breeders out there today. This breed is well loved and respected. Just google the Olde English Bulldogs now. This breed has lasted over 20 years and is still going strong. Now that Dad is no longer here beyond our control. I have now stepped up to help mom. Continuing the legacy of Mighty Mac's Bulldogs. To produce dogs that people love to own.

This is for you Daddy! We made it! We miss and love you.
You will be in our hearts forever.


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